We will be your outreach white hat SEO expert

20 Articles + Links. White Hat

At least DA 20; 800 Words Blog Post; 1 Dofollow Backlink for each website.

What’s Included

  • Backlink Analysis
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis



Businesses that practice white hat SEO are making an effort to follow Google’s base guidelines, essentially following the “laws” of the internet. Businesses that don’t follow these laws may enjoy the benefits of high rankings for a short time, but they will eventually face consequences and penalties from Google. This can sound scary—especially if you aren’t fully aware of Google’s best practices and you’re merely doing what you believe will have the best results for your company. You may be following several of these rules just by trying to create good products and run an effective marketing campaign, but you may still be able to improve in a few areas.

White hat SEO exists because, without it, the search engine results would be all over the place. Internet users would continuously find themselves on sites that weren’t useful to them because site owners would be using dubious methods to earn their places on the search page. This isn’t beneficial to Google, which is why they’ve long been honing their engine so that the best-quality websites are the ones that ultimately rank.

Following the rules and creating a campaign takes time. You have to make an investment, create a quality website, and find good sites that are willing to link back to yours. Taking the easier route may seem far simpler—you can invest less money and spend time on other areas of your business. However, we can’t stress enough how important it is to follow these best practices. If you don’t, your business may greatly suffer in the future

Outreach for backlinks is the best practice for getting unique and high-quality backlinks. We are doing White Hat SEO, getting relevant links for your site.

How does the process work?

  • We identify relevant content that can be interesting for outreach
  • We create a list of niche sites/blogs
  • We conduct outreach
  • We conduct outreach

What You Get in LinkBuilding Services:

  •  1 x backlink per article (dofollow link)
  •  An 800-word article per Blog site
  •  Your choice of Anchor text or (keywords)
  •  I perform website Outreach
  •  I deliver you a report with the link and site metrics
  •  All websites are indexed (ongoing)
  •  Free Consultation & Worry-Free.
  •  Overall you’ll receive 5 articles with 5-10 links to your site

Extra Tasks:

✅ Website Backlinks Audit

✅ Competitor Backlink Analysis – that don’t link to your site

Why Purchase This Service? 

  • Purely White hat SEO Guest Post
  • NO PBN Sites
  • Permanent Links
  • Increase Website Authority
  • 1-on-1 Free Consultation
  • High Domain Authority
  • Excellent Customer Support

Feel Free to ask any question, We would love to answer your query.
**If your requirements don’t fall in mentioned packages or you need a custom price, Fast Delivery, or anything other Please Contact us directly for that !**

Best regards,
Team Elicon


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